Threadbear Design Rabbit Linen Apron

Threadbear Design Rabbit Linen Apron

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Brand:  Threadbear Designs
Age:  3y+
Packaging:  Craft Card with open window
Dimensions:  46x50cm

 Do you have a little one who loves to get messy?

This stylish linen apron is the perfect addition to any child's wardrobe. It's made from 100% natural linen and features an adorable bunny face on the front pocket. The cross over straps are adjustable so it will fit your child perfectly, no matter their age or size. The Threadbear Design Rabbit Linen Apron will protect their clothes from any mess they make. 

✓ Protects your clothes from spills and stains 

 Keep yourself clean while cooking, baking, crafting, etc 

 Perfect gift for a new parent or someone with a birthday coming up 

✓ Comfortable to wear because of the adjustable straps 

✓ Dresses up an outfit with a cute design 

This apron has everything your child needs to keep themselves entertained. They can use it while crafting or baking without having to worry about getting their clothes dirty. Your little one can use this apron for all sorts of activities - whether they're baking cookies with grandma or crafting with friends, this is sure to keep them clean and looking fabulous! With its cute design, it also makes for the perfect gift idea for birthdays or Christmas. And because it's machine washable, you don't have to worry about stains either!

 FUNNY BUNNY DESIGN - With the bunny's face doubling up to be a handy pocket, this apron really is as practical as it is pretty.

✓ SUITABLE FOR KIDS - The cross over straps at the back are adjustable. With the bunny's this apron really is as practical as it is pretty.

 MACHINE WASHABLE - This lovely linen apron is easy to keep clean. Wash on a 40cycle with similar colours and hung out on the line once dry.

 ADJUSTABLE CROSSOVER STRAPS AT THE BACK ARE ADJUSTABLE - The straps at the back of this apron are adjustable to ensure that it fits perfectly around your waist.

 DURABLE AND LONG LASTING - The material used to make this apron is durable, strong and long lasting.

Looking for a cute and practical gift for 3-6 year old kid?

This is a linen apron, with the bunny's face as a pocket that comes in an adorable box so you can wrap it up and give it away without having to worry about finding wrapping paper. This would make a great gift for any little girl or boy who loves to get messy! It's also perfect for bakers and crafters alike.

It's cute and practical - what more could you ask for? And with the bunny face doubling as a pocket, there's no reason not to buy this product today!

ThreadBear Design is a playful, creative design company with an imaginative spirit. They are passionate about designing products that will make people happy and bring them joy. Our mission is to create beautiful, high quality products for children of all ages. The ThreadBear team consists of Danielle Allen who has been in the gift industry for over 20 years, Nick Shirley who has worked in the textile industry his whole life and they have recently started their own business together called ThreadBear Design.


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