The Bearded Man Gift

The Bearded Man Gift

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Norse Double Edge Safety Razor IvoryNorse Double Edge Safety Razor Ivory
Norse shaving soap BergamotNorse shaving soap Bergamot
Norse Beard Balm WoodsmanNorse Beard Balm Woodsman

Brand:  Norse

  • Set of handmade razor and five blades.
  • Uses all sides of the blade with its double-edged.
  • Can be used for shaving legs.
  • Minimizes environmental impact as it is made plastic-free.

Norse Double Edged Safety Razor - Ivory

Shave the old fashioned way with the beautiful double-edged safety razor, made in the UK. 

The box contains a handmade razor and five blades. And when those are done you just need to buy more blades meaning no more plastic. Making this a great way to minimise your environmental impact.

How to use a Double-Edged Safety Razor:

A double-edged razor relies purely on a sharp blade and the weight of the razor. 

Simply unscrew the head and insert a blade. 

For best results warm your face with a hot flannel, or shave after a hot shower or bath. Then apply plenty of a good quality shaving soap (Norse do one of those as well) in circular motions to lift the hair. 

Warm the blade under hot water and hold to your face at an angle of 30-45 degrees. And allow the weight of the razor to cut through the hair in short strokes.

Always shave with the hair not against it and never pull the razor. When the blade is blunt it will hang on the hairs and it's time to turn it over or replace it.

Rinse the blade often. 

When you are doe rise the skin with cool water, pat dry and apply a moisturiser.

They are great for legs as well ladies. And the replacement blades are pennies so you'll be saving money as well as the planet in no time. 

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