Tender Leaf Toys Ladybug Teaching Clock
 Tender Leaf Toys Ladybug Teaching ClockTender Leaf Toys Ladybug Teaching Clock 

Tender Leaf Toys Ladybug Teaching Clock

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Brand:  Tender Leaf Toys
Age:  3y+
Country Manufacture:  Indonesia
Dimensions:  W: 22cm D: 26.5cm H: 2.3cm

  • Helps in learning about time and basic numeracy.
  • Fosters creativity and imagination.
  • Develop cognitive skills.
  • Provides growth for social skills.

Educate little ones about time and basic numbers with this stunning Ladybug Teaching Clock.

This clock teaches little ones about time and with the 12 pieces magnetic numbers, they can slot each number into the corresponding base. The base of the clock for the numbers also have dots for easier recognition.

The featured clock can also be hung on the wall with a small bracket on the reverse.

Size: 8.66" x 10.43" x 0.91"

Weight: 0.81 lbs

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