Tender Leaf Toys Ice Cream Cart

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Brand:  Tender Leaf Toys
Age:  3y+
Country Manufacture:  Indonesia
Dimensions:  W: 37.5cm D: 19.3cm H: 31cm

Do you have a child who loves ice cream?

Introducing Tender Leaf Toys Ice Cream Cart, the perfect toy for your little one. This wooden push along cart on wheels is beautifully designed and comes with 4 wooden ice lollies, 4 cornets, 4 magnetised colourful ice creams, a magnetic ice cream scoop and a removable lid to reveal tubs on the underside. Encourages social and emotional skills as well as creative communication and speech. Stimulates creative and interactive play. Experiment with magnetism. 

✓ Helps your child explore their creativity and have fun with friends.

✓ Provides a safe place for children to play.

✓ Keeps kids entertained for hours on end.

✓ Kids will enjoy these toys for years to come

Your kids will love playing pretend store with this fun set! They can serve their friends or siblings some delicious looking treats that are actually made of wood! The magnets in the scoops allow them to pick up all four of the colorful ice creams at once so they can dish out an order faster than ever before.

✓ ENGAGING PLAY SET - Stimulates creative and interactive play. Experiment with magnetism.

✓ GREAT DISPLAY - Each toy comes in its own box making it great for gift giving, made from solid wood in a natural finish with non toxic child friendly paints.

✓ EASY TO CLEAN - Our toys are made from natural materials and finished with non-toxic paints. All our toys are easy to clean, simply wipe over with a damp cloth or sponge.

✓ MADE FROM RUBBERWOOD - This toy is made from rubberwood which is a byproduct of the latex industry.

✓ COLORFUL SET - includes a wooden push along cart on wheels, with 4 wooden ice lollies, 4 cornets, 4 magnetised colourful ice creams, a magnetic ice cream scoop and a removable lid to reveal tubs on the underside.

With this great set your children will be able to create their own imaginative world where anything is possible! 

Tender Leaf Toys Ice Cream Cart is a great toy for imaginative play. Children can push the cart along and pretend to serve their friends ice cream using the magnets to pick up the ice creams from underneath the lid.

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Tender Leaf is a company that creates wooden toys. They continually develop and grow products, which are engaging, endlessly entertaining, and perfect for little hands. All of the products are created and dreamt up by designer Danielle who then brings them to life with help from their factory friends who feel like family to them. They're fun to play with, completely safe and meet all safety standards before releasing them into the world.
Simply perfect!  |  

"I’d looked before but been put off as thought it was bigger. I saw someone post a picture of it in use to show it was actually not oversized and so ordered right away. I’m so so glad I did- it is absolutely perfect! All the children in my setting love it and it’s been out every day without fail. During the brief moments of time it is away, it tucks away lovely but looks so pretty it doesn’t matter anyway!"

Small but perfectly formed  |  

"This was a surprise hit for my 3 year old. Bought it for her birthday and all the children played with it at her party. It�s not very big, but perfect fit little hands. The ice cream scoops and cones are especially cute and have a magnet in them so the scoop doesn�t fall off. This was my first tender leaf purchase and I'm really impressed with the quality and detail."


Is there a weight limit for the push along cart?

The weight limit is 40kg.

What is the size of this product?

The cart is approximately 18 inches by 12 inches.

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