Tender Leaf Toys Cherry Pie Wooden Toy Kitchen

Tender Leaf Toys Cherry Pie Wooden Toy Kitchen

Our Price:  €110.51

Brand:  Tender Leaf Toys
Age:  3y+
Country Manufacture:  Indonesia
Dimensions:  W: 43cm D: 24.5cm H: 62.8cm

  • Encouraged interactive role-play sessions. 
  • Increased understanding of food and a balanced diet.
  • Boosts social skills.
  • Improve math and science skills.

Whether cooking for a feast or simply just for breakfast, Little ones can prepare them for the family using this amazing Tender Leaf Cherry Pie Wooden Toy Kitchen.

This set features a kitchen hob, oven, sink, tap, saucepan with lid, 3 pots of jam and 2 wooden utensils. It is also furnished with a gingham fabric storage curtain and pot holder. The feast will begin in no time!

Size: 16.93" x 9.65" x 24.72"

Weight: 14.30 lbs

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