Tender Leaf Toys Fish And Chips Supper

Tender Leaf Toys Fish And Chips Supper

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Brand:  Tender Leaf Toys
Age:  3 years +
Country Of Manufacture:  Indonesia
Dimensions:  W: 20cm D: 26cm H: 7.5cm
Weight:  0.18 kg

Do you want to buy a fun toy for your child?

Tender Leaf Toys Fish And Chips Supper is a delightful playset that includes everything needed to enjoy this classic British meal. From the chunky battered fish, to the beautifully decorated plate, every element has been carefully thought out. The set contains a portion of battered fish that can be cut in three pieces, wooden chips, mushy peas in a little pot, and even comes with its own copy of the daily fish newspaper!

✓ Build vocabulary, dexterity, and narrative thought.

✓ Help children learn about the world around them.

✓ Perfect gift for children and adults alike.

✓ Kids will enjoy these toys for years to come.

This product will make an excellent gift for anyone who loves spending time by the water with their loved ones enjoying delicious food together as well as those who just appreciate fine craftsmanship when it comes to toys like this one from Tender Leaf Toys. This toy is perfect for anyone who loves the simple pleasures of eating at the beach all wrapped up in newspaper.

It's packed with features that make everyday life easier, more entertaining and more productive. 

✓ GREAT DISPLAY - These sweet little farm animals will make wonderful additions to any child's collection, look lovely displayed in the home or nursery

✓ ECO-FRIENDLY -made from sustainable rubberwood and feature hand-finished details.

✓ MADE FROM RUBBERWOOD - This toy is made from rubberwood which is a byproduct of the latex industry.

✓  COLORFUL SET - the chunky battered potion of fish to the beautifully decorated plate, the pot of mushy peas to the amazing daily fish newspaper

Do you want to buy a fun toy for your child?

The Tender Leaf Toys Fish And Chips Supper set is a perfect gift for anyone that enjoys the simple pleasures of fish and chips at the beach all wrapped in newspaper. As always with Tender Leaf Toys the attention to detail is second to none. 

Just grab your Tender Leaf Toys Fish And Chips Supper playset and head down to the beach for some fun with friends or family today! 

Tender Leaf is a company that creates wooden toys. They continually develop and grow products, which are engaging, endlessly entertaining, and perfect for little hands. All of the products are created and dreamt up by designer Danielle who then brings them to life with help from their factory friends who feel like family to them. They're fun to play with, completely safe and meet all safety standards before releasing them into the world.


Is this just an empty plate?

No, the plate is super cute and has a fish on it.

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