Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaurs Play Set

Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaurs Play Set

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Tender Leaf Toys Mountain Pass StackTender Leaf Toys Mountain Pass Stack
Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaur BrontosaurusTender Leaf Toys Dinosaur Brontosaurus
Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaur StegosaurusTender Leaf Toys Dinosaur Stegosaurus
Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaur TriceratopsTender Leaf Toys Dinosaur Triceratops
Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus RexTender Leaf Toys Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaur ParasaurolophusTender Leaf Toys Dinosaur Parasaurolophus
Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaur VelociraptorTender Leaf Toys Dinosaur Velociraptor
Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaur AnkylosaurusTender Leaf Toys Dinosaur Ankylosaurus
Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaur PterodactylTender Leaf Toys Dinosaur Pterodactyl

Brand:  Tender Leaf Toys
Age:  3 years +
Country Of Manufacture:  Indonesia
Dimensions:  W: 22.2cm D: 2.5cm H: 17cm
Weight:  0.45 kg

  • Amazing set including all 8 Tender Leaf Toys wooden dinosaurs.
  • Perfect for encouraging imaginative and creative small world play.
  • Dinosaurs and tunnel toy are all made from sustainable rubber wood.

Tender Leaf Toys Dinosaurs Play Set

Perfect for little dino fans this set includes 8 different wooden dinosaurs and the Tender Leaf mountain pass.

You little ones are sure to have great fun playing with this set of wooden dinosaurs. The dinosaurs and tunnels are all made from solid rubberwood, a very sustainable wood that is a by-product of the rubber industry.

This is the perfect set for encouraging imaginative small world play and will look great on display in your playroom.

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