Tender Leaf Toys Coastal Play Set

Tender Leaf Toys Coastal Play Set

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Tender Leaf Toys Mountain Pass StackTender Leaf Toys Mountain Pass Stack
Tender Leaf Toys Coastal WhaleTender Leaf Toys Coastal Whale
Tender Leaf Toys Coastal Sea TurtleTender Leaf Toys Coastal Sea Turtle
Tender Leaf Toys Coastal SealTender Leaf Toys Coastal Seal
Tender Leaf Toys Coastal CrabTender Leaf Toys Coastal Crab
Tender Leaf Toys Coastal Flying FishTender Leaf Toys Coastal Flying Fish
Tender Leaf Toys Coastal Hermit CrabTender Leaf Toys Coastal Hermit Crab
Tender Leaf Toys Coastal PenguinTender Leaf Toys Coastal Penguin
Tender Leaf Toys Coastal PuffinTender Leaf Toys Coastal Puffin
Tender Leaf Toys Coastal SeagullTender Leaf Toys Coastal Seagull

Brand:  Tender Leaf Toys
Age:  3 years +
Country Of Manufacture:  Indonesia
Dimensions:  W: 9.3cm D: 2cm H: 4.4cm
Weight:  0.03 kg

Do you have a little one who loves to play with animals?

These adorable coastal animals are the perfect addition to your child's toy collection. They're made from sustainable rubber wood and hand finished for an extra special touch. This set includes 9 different gorgeous coastal animals including a fantastic mountain tunnel toy that will look great on display in your playroom.

✓ Encourages imaginative and creative small world play.

✓ Made from sustainable rubber wood which is safe to use

✓ Perfect set for your child's imagination that will last a lifetime.


You can use these toys as part of storytelling games or just let their imagination run wild while playing independently. Either way, they'll love creating stories with these cute characters and having them all together in one place is sure to make them smile. They'll love using their creativity to bring each animal to life as they explore different ways to interact with them through role-play, storytelling, or even just playing together!

✓ GREAT DISPLAY - This set is a great display piece for any playroom. The animals are all hand finished and have been carefully selected to complement each other.

✓ HAND FINISHED - Each animal has been individually sanded, stained and then polished to achieve the perfect finish. They are then given a protective coat of varnish to ensure they last for years to come.

✓ RUBBER WOOD - Tender Leaf Toys make a great range of wooden animals including these fantastic coastal animals. Each animal is made from sustainable rubber wood, hand finished and full of character.

Does your child loves exploring new worlds through creative pretend play?

Tender Leaf Toys make a great range of wooden animals including these fantastic coastal animals.  Amazing set including 9 coastal creatures and the mountain tunnel. Perfect for encouraging imaginative and creative small world play.

They look great on display in your playroom or can be used to encourage imaginative small world play. Purchase this fantastic set now. 

Tender Leaf is a company that creates wooden toys. They continually develop and grow products, which are engaging, endlessly entertaining, and perfect for little hands. All of the products are created and dreamt up by designer Danielle who then brings them to life with help from their factory friends who feel like family to them. They're fun to play with, completely safe and meet all safety standards before releasing them into the world.


What are the dimensions for this toy?

The dimensions are 8 inches x 12 inches x 3 inches.

What are the best ages to use this toy with?

The best age range is 3-6 years old.

Is it good for children to make up their own stories while playing with the toys?

Yes! The more creative and imaginative your child is, the more they will enjoy playing with these toys.

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