Tender Leaf Shopping Toys Bundle

Tender Leaf Shopping Toys Bundle

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Tender Leaf Toys Till With MoneyTender Leaf Toys Till With Money
Tender Leaf Toys Grocery BagTender Leaf Toys Grocery Bag
Tender Leaf Toys Weighing ScalesTender Leaf Toys Weighing Scales

Brand:  Tender Leaf Toys

  • Develops speech and creative communication.
  • Fosters social skills and emotional skills.
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination.
  • Creates imaginative open-ended play.

Tender Leaf Shopping Toys Bundle

Prepare for loads of activities, fun, and interaction with this stunning Shopping Toys Bundle from Tender Leaf.

Display fresh fruits, goodies and other items on the Farmers' Market Stall and allow your customers to weigh the fruits before paying with the Weighing Scales. Do not forget to count the money and input the right amount in the Till with Money. Lastly, pack the goodies inside the Grocery Bag.

Take turns as the seller and as the customer. What a happy day in the market!

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