Tender Leaf Rainbow Baking Bundle

Tender Leaf Rainbow Baking Bundle

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Tender Leaf Toys Baker's Mixing SetTender Leaf Toys Baker's Mixing Set
Tender Leaf Toys Chef's BagTender Leaf Toys Chef's Bag
Tender Leaf Rainbow Birthday CakeTender Leaf Rainbow Birthday Cake

Brand:  Tender Leaf Toys

  • Stimulates creativity and imagination.
  • Inspires imaginative plays.
  • Builds confidence and social skills.
  • Fosters speech and communication.

Tender Leaf Afternoon Tea Baking Bundle

Want to become a superstar chef with a mini tea shop? You will surely need this wonderful Tender Leaf Afternoon Tea Baking Bundle.

What's inside? There is a Baker's Mixing Set where there are a rotating whisk and clacking dial to create your very own pastries and delights. Of course, it is a must for every chef to be properly dressed. The Chef's Bag will fully prep you up along with the basic tools such as measuring spoon. The happiest birthday will never be complete without the Rainbow Birthday Cake. It is beautifully detailed with bright colors and 6 cake slices topped with candles.

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