Tender Leaf Galaxy Magblocs

Tender Leaf Galaxy Magblocs

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Brand:  Tender Leaf Toys
Age:  3y+
Country Manufacture:  Indonesia
Dimensions:  W: 15.5cm D: 20.5cm H: 3cm

  • Provides growth for problem-solving skills.
  • Improves communication skills.
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination.
  • Develop color and shape recognition.

Allow your little ones to play with magnetism and build different figures using this amazing Galaxy Magblocs.

These colorful pieces are made from solid rubberwood and feature multi-directional magnets that do not repel. Your little ones can bind each piece and create space-themed figures such as a rocket, a robot and whatever their imagination tells them. All play pieces can be safely stored in a supplied drawstring bag.

Size: 6.1" x 8.07" x 1.18"

Weight: 0.75 lbs

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