Tender Leaf Afternoon Tea & Biscuits

Tender Leaf Afternoon Tea & Biscuits

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Tender Leaf Toys Tea Tray SetTender Leaf Toys Tea Tray Set
Tender Leaf Toys Afternoon Tea StandTender Leaf Toys Afternoon Tea Stand

Brand:  Tender Leaf Toys

  • Stimulates creativity and imagination.
  • Inspires imaginative plays.
  • Builds confidence and social skills.
  • Fosters speech and communication.

Tender Leaf Afternoon Tea & Biscuits

Afternoon Delight! Be a budding chef with a mini tea shop with this wonderful Tender Leaf Afternoon Tea & Biscuits.

Complete your plays with functional utensils and food, use the Afternoon Tea Stand and Tea Tray Set to offer tasty delights and fresh teas. There is a 2-tier wooden cake stand with 4 cupcakes and 2 biscuits and the tea tray set offers complete cups, teapot, and saucers.

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