Tegu Skyhook
Tegu SkyhookTegu SkyhookTegu SkyhookTegu Skyhook

Tegu Skyhook

Our Price:  €44.92
List Price:  €56.15
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Brand:  Tegu
Age:  1y
Material:  Wood
Packaging:  Cardboard / ACETATE
Country Manufacture:  Honduras


Tegu Skyhook

Introducing the Tegu Stunt Team! This wonderful range is home to the high flyers and fast drivers of the Tegu world. The amazing Tegu Skyhook can be a plane, a space rocket, the worlds fastest wooden car, a rescue helicopter or anything your little one can dream up. With a very special Tegu Stunt Team Character included in each set your little one has a friend, a driver and someone to rescue no matter where their play takes them.

Suitable from 12 months with supervision these sets are perfect for building fine motor skills from a young age. Children will learn about scale and balance as they exercise their imagination and expand their creativity. Loved by all ages, Tegu is the perfect toy for natural open-ended play. 

The Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks Skyhook set comes complete with 17 awesome pieces in 10 shapes:

  • 3 triangles,
  • 2 cubes,
  • 1 parallelogram, 
  • 2 short planks, 
  • 1 rescue plug, 
  • 1 propeller, 
  • 1 skyhook tail, 
  • 1 skyhook nose, 
  • 4 wooden wheels and 
  • 1 Stunt Team Character.

As with all Tegu magnetic wooden block sets, the Skyhook is compatible with the entire Tegu range that we stock here at Fluff Heaven. The Tegu Skyhook comes complete with an Inspiration Manual so adults need have no fear if they think they aren't as imaginative as their kids.

Tegu Blocks

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks joined us here at Fluff Heaven in early 2017. We love how ethical the company is, how sustainably made the blocks are and how well Tegu look after all their staff in Honduras. The owners Chris and Will Haughey had the vision to build a successful business with their amazing wooden blocks to rebuild communities. Judging by how well received the blocks have been by our Parent Panel and customers they have fulfilled their vision!

Each wooden block contains a hidden contained magnet (you can't see it and your child can't remove it) the blocks click together with a satisfying noise and can also repel one another. The building possibilities are endless. These are Wooden Building Blocks on a whole new level.  No lead, no plastic, just sustainable wooden goodness.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks are finished with safe, non-toxic water-based finishes. Every single block is checked before it reaches your child. The wood is chosen from sustainable sources and you can even contact Tegu direct if you want to visit the factory!

With sets to suit all budgets, there is no excuse not to try out some Tegu Blocks. We love the Pocket Prism packs as they can be tossed into your bag and kept for when you really need a distraction toy. The larger sets and ideal for keen builders and if you have more than one child. Many of the sets also include wheels and other cool features so you can build on your collection one set at a time. What set will you get first?

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