TCS Eco Washable Sanitary Pad Small Regular

TCS Eco Washable Sanitary Pad Small Regular

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Brand:  TCS Eco

  • Cloth Sanitary Pads in 9" long from TCS Eco.
  • Best to use for Small to Regular flow period.
  • Made with toxic-free and super absorbent sourced fabric.
  • Use the snap on the wings to fit and secure in the underwear.

It may cost you once but these cloth sanitary pads will last a lifetime! TCS Eco Washable Sanitary Pad for Small Regular is the best for every women's needs.

TCS Eco is the largest manufacturer of CSP in the UK and this washable pad for Small/ Regular is designed for women who have light to regular flow period.

This pad comes in 9" long and has a soft cotton jersey top. It secures on the gusset of the underwear with the snap on the wings. Light incontinence and regular flows are managed with the super absorbent core.

Each pad is ethically made from sourced fabric and does not contain harmful additives, unlike commercial ones. It is super absorbent and provides maximum comfort. Wash and reuse over and over again.

Let's spread love and care to the planet by reducing the tons of plastic sanitary pads used and thrown every day.

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