Stainless Steel Lunch Box

stainless steel lunch box

Protect the environment from plastic and enjoy a zero-waste meal with our selection of stainless steel food boxes.

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Klean Kanteen Food Box Set
Klean Kanteen 1005ml Meal Food Box
Klean Kanteen 591ml Lunch Food Box
A Slice Of Green Surat Lunch Box
Klean Kanteen TK Insulated Canister
From:  €29.24
Klean Kanteen Single Wall Canister
From:  €22.21
U-Konserve Round Nesting Trio Set Of 3 Ocean
€32.22   €25.78
Qwetch Insulated Thermo Bottle Flask 500Ml
€32.81   €21.09
A Slice of Green Rampur Lunch Box with Mini
€23.44   €19.92
A Slice of Green Kangra - Lunch Box with Mini Container
€22.26   €19.86
A Slice Of Green Panipat Container
A Slice Of Green Shimla Container
U-Konserve To-Go Container Large Clear
€19.33   €15.47
U-Konserve Round Small Container Set Of 2 Ocean
€18.75   €15.00
A Slice Of Green Bundi Container
U-Konserve Round Large Container Lime
€14.06   €11.25
U-Konserve Round Medium Container Clear
€11.72   €9.37
U-Konserve Round Medium Container Lime
€11.72   €9.37

Page 1 of 1:    31 Items

Stainless Steel Lunchbox

These lunch boxes made from food-grade stainless steel will keep your food fresh and delicious. Perfect food containers to use for when you want to bring food with you on the road, lunch at the office or just food storage containers at home. These lunch boxes are 100% free from toxic materials like BPA, phthalates and lead. They're reusable too and reduce the need for cling film. Our stainless steel lunch boxes are available in a variety of sizes to fit everyone's needs.

If you want to enjoy waste free meals, make the switch to reusable lunch boxes today.