Soap Pouches

Soap pouches that are earth-friendly

Want to make your soap bar last longer? Soap pouches are amazing to let your soap dry between uses, plus they naturally exfoliate you, win:win! Our range of natural soap pouches are made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and sisal. They’re also biodegradable, making them kind on the environment. Natural soap pouches can be used to store your bar of natural soap so it stays clean and lasts longer. You can even use our natural soap pouches as an exfoliator, leaving skin smooth and soft. Switch to a sustainable alternative today with our range of natural soap pouches!

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Travel Soap Case

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Keep your soap clean and dry

The natural soap saver bag is an eco-friendly essential for storing your favorite vegan, organic soap bar! It's also perfect when you're looking to exfoliate. If it’s time that the switch from animal products like lye or tallow (animal fats) in our skin care routine then this product will be there ready with two different types of materials - one being sisal rope which provides roughness while still allowing moisture onto its fibers so they can easily absorb what ever else may come their way; secondly consider using cotton fabric during these same activities because not only does its soft texture make sure any excess residue gets absorbed quickly. They store soap and usually have a hook so that the solid soap can dry and last longer. If you are worried about personal hygiene you can get a soap bag for each member of your family. All our products are plastic free and they are made from natural sisal, jute or bamboo. They fit a standard sized soap bar in, and most of our natural soap bar range work well with them.

No more messes in your shower

Say goodbye to plastic bottles that take hundreds of years! All you need is a natural soap pouch and your shower will be 100% eco-friendly.

The natural soap pouch is not just a great way to store your favorite vegan soaps, but it also helps them lather up quicker and provide you with an even richer foam. The soft textured surface on this eco-friendly product aids in exfoliating dead skin cells while helping promote better blood circulation which results leave our faces feeling softer than ever before!

Protect your soap with a pouch

Handmade soap pouches give your natural bar a longer life and help it stay fresh. Plus you get more for the money! The breathable material in these plastic free cases lets air flow through, which means that even if they're hanging up after use (which is recommended), there's no chance of moisture getting inside due to trapped humidity - meaning quicker drying time too. So get a soap save bag today, the best way to wash with soap bar in the shower! They are also water neutral.

Showering your body with natural soap is the sustainable and environmentally friendly thing to do! We've got a fantastic assortment of eco-friendly pouches for you. All are supplied without any plastic packaging, so they can be recycled or reused when done using them - let's take this opportunity bath away all those toxins while we have it :)

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