Snowflake Shea Butter & Cinnamon Soap

Snowflake Shea Butter & Cinnamon Soap

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Brand:  Janni Bars
Country Of Manufacture:  Kildare
Vegan:  ✅

Give someone the gift of a happy, cozy winter with this soap!

This soap smells like Christmas and will make your skin feel amazing. It's a great gift for anyone who loves the holiday season. You can also use it as a decoration to add some cheer to your home this winter!

✓  You'll love the way it makes your skin feel.
✓  Makes your skin feel soft and moisturized.
✓  A great gift for any holiday lover!
✓  Make your skin feel soft and smell like Christmas.
✓  Great for the winter time 

This soap smells like Christmas and is a great stocking stuffer. It's also a wonderful gift for your friends, family, or co-workers who are obsessed with all things holiday. The cocoa butter makes this joyful soap incredibly luxurious and hydrating. You will want to eat it when you smell it!

We all know that nothing says "Christmas" like a fresh pine tree and cinnamon. This soap is perfect for those who want to feel festive this holiday season. The cocoa butter in this bar makes it incredibly moisturizing as well as luxurious. Your skin will thank you after using this soap because it feels so soft and smooth afterwards!

✓  This soap is a luxurious and festive way to enjoy the holidays.
✓  The scent of cinnamon and orange in this bar will make you want to eat it when you smell it! 
✓  The cocoa butter makes this joyful soap incredibly luxurious and hydrating.
✓  Palm-oil free, vegan and cruelty-free
✓  Handmade in Kildare

 It smells like a winter wonderland and will make your skin feel amazing! 

Wrapping yourself in a shower is like wrapping yourself in an incredibly aromatic and luxurious, cashmere blanket. The Janni Bars Shea Butter & Cinnamon Soap - Snowflake will be your new favorite winter scent as you enjoy lathering up with this cinnamon infused soap bar. Snowflake Soap is the perfect addition to your holiday routine. It doubles as a luxurious, pampering soap and also exfoliates with its delicious, all-natural ingredients that will leave you feeling silky smooth.

Your friends will be so jealous when they see that you have such a beautiful holiday-themed soap in your bathroom. This soap smells like Christmas personified with notes of cocoa, orange cinnamon and pine. You'll want to buy one for everyone on your list this year.

Janni Bars is a small Irish company that was originally founded with the goal of creating plastic-free grooming products for dogs and horses. It has since grown to include personal care products, all made from natural ingredients in sustainable packaging. The founder, who is originally from Sweden but living in Ireland, started Janni because she wanted to create ethical products that make a difference and put smiles on our faces. Every single sale counts towards this mission.


1. Are these soaps Vegan Friendly?

Yes! And cruelty free too.

2. How do they smell?

We wish we could put it in to words! These soaps are gently scented by nature, so don't expect overpowering, artificial perfumes. Each soap has it's own soft, clean smell and with such a large range, there's bound to be one for you!

3. I have sensitive skin, is this soap suitable for me?

All Janni Bars are handmade with high quality, natural ingredients, so are incredibly mild. If you have any known allergies or specific sensitivities, we always recommend reviewing the ingredients list for your own reassurance.

4. Are these suitable for gifting?

While the packaging is simple, these are beautifully presented and perfect for gifting. Browse our beautiful range of pre made gifts, or build your own with our other Janni Bars products.

5. Are these free from SLS and Parabans?

Yes! Absolutely no nasties in these gorgeous bars. They're Palm oil free, too.

6. If these are free from SLS, do they foam up like other soaps? I've had a disappointing experience with Natural Soaps in the past.

These soaps create a lovely soft foam that will thoroughly cleanse your skin and give you a luxurious shower experience. Our customers have really loved the entire Janni bars range- the reviews speak for themselves!



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