Skincare bundle for Teenage skin

Skincare bundle for Teenage skin

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Eco Living 10 Organic Make Up Remover Wipes & Wash BagEco Living 10 Organic Make Up Remover Wipes & Wash Bag
Janni Honey Glow Rejuvenating Face BalmJanni Honey Glow Rejuvenating Face Balm
Janni Bars Face Wash BarJanni Bars Face Wash Bar
Agnes & Cat Lip BalmAgnes & Cat Lip Balm

Brand:  Baba Me

  • An eco friendy skincare bundle ideal for troubled or sensitive skin
  • Set of 10 organic cotton reusable wipes with organic cotton wash bag
  • A Janni bars face wash bar of your choice, a jar of Rejuvenating Honey face balm and a yummy lip balm from Agnes and Cat

We recommend these products for anyone who has acne prone or sensitive skin.

While we had teenagers in mind for this bundle, it's also perfect for new mums, or anyone who would just like a new and gentle skin care routine. Our organic cotton pads come with a washbag and are not only eco friendly, but super soft and kind to sensitive skin. Our Janni bars face wash bars have been massively popular and with their high quality,natural ingredients, are just perfect for this bundle. We particularly recommend the Satin or Magic bars for acne prone skin, but the choice is yours!* Descriptions below*

The Rejuvenating face balm is packed with carefully selected ingredients including Irish Heather Honey, Rosehip oil for anti bacterial, anti microbial and pore opening affects. The balm is soothing and moisturising, and as with all Janni Bars products, packed with only the best, natural and gentle ingredients. We've also added a gorgeous moisturing lip balm from Agnes and Cat, to nourish dry or chapped lips.

Peachy - This luxurious face wash bar takes exfoliation to a new level. Our Peachy Face Wash Bar contains Olive Oil, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil which is rich in oleic acid which has a balancing effect on your skins natural oils, helping to reduce dryness and irritation. To this we add Orange peel, Safflower petals and Chamomile Flower Extracts which help to gently exfoliate the skin. It is scented with the amazing Janni fragrance - Flowery Citrus. Exfoliating Face Wash Bar, made with beautiful creamy shea butter, peach kernel oil, orange peel and fantastic smelling essential oils of Geranium and Orange. Great for all skin types (including sensitive skin) and really gentle.

Satin - This 100% natural bar contains Goat milk powder that will help calm irritated skin, reduces redness and prevent acne. Satin Face Wash Bar is our most gentle and soothing face wash soap, helping calm irritated skin. The added sandalwood oil smells wonderful but also raise cell regeneration, helps to reduce wrinkles as well as detoxifies skin as well as powerful anti-ageing effect. This is a perfect bar for everyday use.

Magic - Cleanse your face from dirt and impurities with Janni's Magic Face Wash Bar. Formulated with activated charcoal, tea tree, and shea butter to gently remove acne-causing oils and toxins, the bar will leave your skin soft, smooth, and glowing.The all natural Janni bars have been carefully formulated to be a kinder, gentler approach to dealing with acne while still delivering natural results. Not only does this face bar cleanse impurities and moisturize, it also includes ingredients that act as an anti-inflammatory. Tea tree, being one of the most powerful natural antibiotic, not only works to fight acne but also helps to speed up healing time.

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