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Should You Apply Nappy Cream at Every Change?

nappy rash cream

Rash Cream & Ointment

In order to get the best of your nappy rash cream, you must choose the best product and never over use it. Nappy cream, as we all know, is very expensive. You can at least prevent diaper rash from ever occurring by simply changing your babyís nappy every time it gets soiled.

But for some instances, you must really need them badly such as when your baby is suffering from diarrhea. In terms of is it safe to use, absolutely! These creams are used worldwide and proven effective to heal nappy rash.

But do you really have to use a rash cream every time? The answer: depending on your preference.

Every mom has different views on rash treatments. Even though they are truly safe, apply only a thin layer because a thick application can sometimes worsen the rash. There are also moms out there who apply generous amounts and as much as possible. It is because they want to protect their baby from moisture build up caused by leaking.

This scenario is totally acceptable. However, you can just apply it when needed. There are also cases that you will really need to use them. Firstly, when your baby is suffering from diarrhea. During this scene, poop will always come in contact with the skin so you must apply a generous amount as a preventive measure. Stool and urine are among the culprits in causing rash.

Next is when your baby shows the symptoms of rash such as irritation and redness of the skin. Although this can be prevented further by taking time off a nappy, a diaper rash cream can easily heal it. If your baby has the rash already, most GP recommends using a nappy cream to help heal, smoothen and prevent further infection.

Nappy cream is also ideal to be used overnight since most babies can sleep for hours where moisture can build up. Wee and poo can also linger at night time only to find out the next day. Having a rash cream can build a barrier between the nappy and the skin which can protect your babyís delicate skin.

Most moms use diaper rash cream after every diaper change. This is okay as a preventive measure because some fabrics of nappies can be too harsh and rough for a babyís sensitive and delicate skin.

Babies under medication can also have loose bowel movement. Applying a rash cream can help prevent stool and urine from adhering to the skin. Although some babies do not have loose bowel movements during teething, some can have and having a rash cream can equip you from those days.

In conclusion, because rash treatments are safe to use, using them every time you need it is okay. It is also best to consult your GP to ask more information about rash cream especially at cases where rash happens to get worse.

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