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Double Edged Safety Razor & Plastic Free Shaving Options

The double edged safety razor may remind you of your dad or grandad shaving, but these sustainable razors offer fantastic plastic free shaving options. Much easier to use (the natural weight glides the double edged blade), these are perfect for beards & legs alike! Once you have used a traditional double edged safety razor, you won't go back to a plastic disposable option! Combined with our range of plastic free toiletries, such as shaving soap, a shaving brush and even ladies shaving oil, and zero waste shaving is now achievable! Disposable razors take hundreds of years to break down so making this simple switch today, will be a giant step in reducing your plastic waste! What are you waiting for, join the double edged safety razor revolution!

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Norse Mach 3 Shaving Set
Ladies Shaving Kit
The Bearded Man Gift
Norse Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome
Norse Double Edge Safety Razor Ivory
Mutiny Luxury Shaving Kit Complete
Mutiny Shaving Mutiny Box
Norse Shaving Brushes
Mutiny Shaving Mutiny Hybrid
Mutiny Shaving Mutiny Mini
NEW Norse Aftershave Balm
Mutiny Shaving Safety Razor
Lamazuna Shaving Bar
Norse shaving soap Bergamot
Norse Shaving Mug
Airmid Green Man Shaving Soap
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Mutiny Shaving Blade Bank
Mutiny Shaving Soap

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Shaving Essentials

The good news is, you can go sustainable and still get a quality beard care experience, save some money and perhaps even eliminate skin irritation in the process!

Safety razors consist of a (usually) steel or chrome handle and a safety design head and safety bar, which opens up to allow blade replacement. This means only a stainless steel safety razor blade must be disposed of every 5-6 shaves. Replacement safety razor blades are much cheaper than replacing the heads on plastic cartridge razors so over time you will certainly notice the clawback in price.

An impressive young shaving company is Norse, with their full range of handmade grooming and shaving products by combining the benefits of top quality products already on the market, and ensuring a closer shave and a tailor made shaving process for you.

Their double-edge safety razor contains a weighted safety razor handle which means no ‘pushing’ the blade across your skin and a smooth shave that would rival even the efficiency and area coverage of a straight razor. Their single blade butterfly comb head design provides for a wet shave that will leave your skin smooth and keep quality and safety at the forefront of your hair removal routine. And the only materials used are steel, chrome, brass and a blade insert piece design made from recycled plastic!

Norse have also steered clear of the badger hair shaving brush in their shaving kit, instead opting for a synthetic fibre which they claim will last a lifetime. Their other pre-shave ritual products include their branded shaving mug and their delicious (and vegan!) Bergamot, Peppermint or Sandalwood shaving soap which contain fewer nasties than most commercial shaving foam or gel and come in a trendy tin!

For those with extra sensitive skin, consider a high-quality shave oil such as Up Close (men’s range), And Personal (ladies’ range) or Trevarno (Trevarno also do an indulgent Cedarwood, Juniper & Pine Bath & Body Oil which will transform your run-of-the-mill quality shaving routine into an intensive self-care experience).