Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds - Basil
 Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds - BasilRubens Barn Mini Ecobuds - Basil 

Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds - Basil

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Brand:  Rubens Barn
Dimensions:  Country Manufacture

  • Builds emotional skills.
  • Fosters language and communication.
  • Creates imaginative and creative play sessions.
  • Improves hand and eye coordination.

Why do kids love to play with dolls? This question will never be left unanswered because dolls are children's perfect companion where they can practice skills before they can apply it. This spectacular Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds Basil will be with your child all throughout!

A kinder future and a friend to everyone is Mini Basil's goal. He loves to be attached to prams and bags with the strings on his back while wearing his favorite outfit: A striped top, dotted shoes and a pair of removable shorts.

Mini Ecobuds Basil love to play with little children and do not contain harmful substances. He is so lightweight so you can carry him around everywhere. He definitely loves to smell good so don't forget to machine wash his clothes at a low tumble-dry heat.

Height: 23 cm

Weight: 53 g

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