Rubens Baby Feeding kit

Rubens Baby Feeding kit

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Brand:  Rubens Barn
Age:  3y
Material:  Polyester
Packaging:  CARD / Plastic
Country Manufacture:  China

Rubens Baby Feeding Kit

This gorgeous set from Rubens Barn Baby Dolls is the perfect addition if your little one wants to wean their doll onto solid food like you might be doing with their little brother or sister. The set comes with a fabric spoon, a fabric bib with a little pocket and a lovely fabric mug with a heart on it. Your little one will be thrilled to have this to role play with their Baby doll!

Rubens Barn Baby Dolls joined the Fluff Heaven family in January 2017. We launched with three ranges, the Baby Dolls, Cuties & Ecobuds.

This range of accessories compliments the Rubens Barn Baby range of dolls. We stock 6 Baby Dolls in total. Emma, Erik, Max, Nils, Molly & Nora. They have been incredibly popular and I know that this range of accessories to match these lovely handmade dolls will be incredibly popular. All designed in Sweden, this gorgeous range of clothes and accessories are easy for little people to use and put on and off. They might end up with a better wardrobe than you! From pyjamas to bottles, carrycots to baskets we are sure youll find something for your Rubens Barn Baby Doll.

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