Rex London Magical Unicorn Drawstring Bag

Rex London Magical Unicorn Drawstring Bag

Brand:  Rex London
Material:  Cotton, Metal, Nylon
Packaging:  None
Country Manufacture:  China
Dimensions:  38 cm x 5 cm x 34 cm

  • Made from cotton materials.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Features a drawstring closure.
  • Printed with Magical Unicorn.

Pack all your kid's school essentials, clothes or even things for his or her mini adventure or sleepovers with this beautifully printed Unicorn Drawstring bag.

This bag is perfect for your adventurous little one. It is detailed with the adorable unicorn with a drawstring closure for the main compartment. Ultra-comfy and lightweight, this bag is made from cotton materials.

Simple and comfy, just perfect for your kid's extra fun activity.

Size: 31 cm x 37.5 cm

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