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Reusable Face Masks: How Many Do You Need?

reusable face mask

The Irish government has tightened restrictions in many Irish cities to help slow down the spread of the virus that is affecting the world. Wearing a face mask or any face coverings is required in most public places like malls, shops and public transport. This means that the how many reusable face masks you need depends on your schedule and how often you go to places where wearing a face mask is required.

Regardless of your schedule or lifestyle, it is always a good idea to bring at least two masks with you - one you wear and the other you keep safely in your bag. Doing so, ensures that you have a face mask to wear if one gets compromised or contaminated. This is also helpful because washing your reusable face masks every after use is a must-do.

It is unhygienic and frankly renders face masks worthless if they are shared or used by different people. Regardless if it is a friend or a family member, never share a face mask with other people because doing so is dangerous and increases the risk of everyone sharing the face mask of contracting the virus.

We have a collection of high quality reusable face masks that feature adjustable elastic hoops for a comfortable fit and making them easy to wear. They are also washable and feature 2 layers of fabric which forms a pocket for replaceable filter inserts. These face masks come in a wide range of designs and illustrations.

Children’s Face Masks

The World Health Organisation or WHO recommends that children over the age of 12 should wear a face mask like adults. This means that children over the age of 12 definitely need their own face masks. And as we previously recommended, they should also have at least 2 face masks.

It is better to just let children under 12 years of age stay at home. However, if they need to be outside you may feel safer if they wear face masks especially if you are going to a public place.

When do you need to wear a face mask?

The general rule is to wear a face mask when you are in a public place. For instance, if you are commuting on a public transport then you should be wearing a face mask or any face covering. This has become mandatory because many studies have shown that wearing face masks help stop or slows down the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne diseases.

According to public health officials, you must wear a mask when going to the following places:

  • Shopping centres
  • Public transport
  • Libraries
  • Cinemas and cinema complexes
  • Theatres.
  • Concert halls
  • Bingo halls
  • Museums
  • Beauty Salons
  • Tattoo and piercing parlours
  • Travel agents and tour operators
  • Laundries and dry cleaners
  • Licensed bookmakers

The places included in the aforementioned list are indoor spaces where many people gather. Bringing 2 face masks with you when going to any of these places ensures that you have something to cover your face with when one of your face masks gets contaminated.

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