Reusable Face Mask

reusable face maskIn these worrying times, when it’s not always possible to practice social distancing, a washable face mask gives us an additional layer of protection. Our cotton face masks come with a filter pocket and you can purchase additional disposable filters, should you require them. The reusable masks are washable and come in adult sizes and child sizes. The breathable face masks have adjustable ear loops and the washable cotton can be washed at 60 after every use. Ideal for public transport or even for school or work, our wide range of fabric options and patterns will mean there is something for everyone! A mask with filters are not essential but can provide an additional layer for those seeking extra security. 

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Reusable Fashion Face Mask - Tiger (Children)
Reusable Fashion Mask Pet Feet (Adult)
PM2.5 Face Mask Filter Insert (Children)

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These masks donít have a nose wire but are cut to fit comfortably around the nose. These masks are not medical equipment, are not ppe and will not provide dusk protection. The washable reusable masks are better than disposable masks for the environment and your pocket! Save money by buying a reusable cloth face mask today!

High quality Reusable Face Masks for Adults & Kids

Our collection of face masks includes as well as face masks filter inserts available in both adult and kids sizes.

Our range of high quality face masks include masks for adults and kids. Replacement filter inserts are also available.

These poly-cotton masks are designed to cover both your mouth and nose and are breathable.The hoops are adjustable to give a comfort fit. There is a pocket made from two layers of fabric for a PM2.5 filter. Remove the filter when washing the face mask then replace it with a new insert before using it again.

How safe are reusable face masks?

Generally, wearing masks and other face coverings is safe. Show how much you care for your family and the community by wearing a face mask.

Does wearing reusable face masks really help slow the spread of viruses?

Yes, it does. Several studies have been conducted showing how wearing a mask slows down the spread of viruses like COVID-19. Most masks are capable of blocking respiratory droplets that contain millions of copies of the virus.

Can you wash reusable face masks?

If your mask is reusable then most likely it is washable. Make sure to read the product description and care instructions of your mask to ensure that you can wash them.