Respiin Tall Jute Basket Set - Beach

Respiin Tall Jute Basket Set - Beach

Our Price:  €21.41

Brand:  Respiin
Size:  Large Bowl - 13.5 x 18.5 cm
Material:  Jute
Packaging:  Swing Tag
Country Of Manufacture:  Bangladesh
Weight:  Medium Bowl - 112g
Sustainable:  Yes

You don't need an expensive storage system or hours spent cleaning up after yourself - just one simple purchase will make all the difference!

They're made from natural jute and come in three different colors. The set includes one large basket, one medium basket, and one small basket.  These baskets are also great for storing other items around your home such as pot plants or things in the bathroom. 

✓ Give yourself a break from all the clutter by filling up these storage bowls
✓ It will make you feel more organized and less cluttered.
✓ Keep your counters clean with these cute bowls 
✓ It's the perfect solution to your storage needs



This Jute Basket Set is ideal for the living room, bedroom, bathroom and even the kitchen! You can use them to store anything from clothes and books to food items in your pantry. The best part is that they come in three different sizes so you can pick one that suits your needs perfectly. And because they're made of natural materials like jute, cotton and wood - it means there won't be any harmful chemicals around your little ones.

✓ Set of three stacking baskets.
✓ Earthy beach inspired colours to brighten your home.
✓ Ethically made, sustainable and fair trade.

These baskets are the perfect solution for your cluttered home. 

Three ethically made baskets that are woven in Bangladesh from hard wearing jute. The largest is a rocky grey, the middle vibrant sunny yellow and the smallest a sandy taupe. These three baskets are perfect for adding a splash of colour to any room in your home. They are ideal for storing or organising toys but work equally well for pot plants, or things in the bathroom.

ReSpiin is a homeware brand that has been designed and developed by Green Pioneer. It was created to showcase stylish recycled and renewable textiles. Their products are made from materials such as organic cotton canvas, hemp linen, natural wool felt and sustainable bamboo plywood.

1. What is the size of the jute bowl set?
Small Bowl - 8.5 x 11 cm; Medium Bowl - 11 x 15 cm; Large Bowl - 13.5 x 18.5 cm

2. What are the jute bowl set made out of?
These eco-friendly bags are made from plant-based and durable fiber from Jute

3. Are these washable?
No, they are not washable.

4. Are these foldable?
Yes, they are not foldable.

5. How do you care for these jute bowls?
Wash with cold water, given that warm water could shrink the textile. Use a gentle liquid detergent for delicate textiles. Soak the hessian cloth for 5 minutes (no more). Slowly stir the fabric with your hands to make dirt disappear.

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