Pure Soft Jute and Cotton Mesh Bag - Natural

Pure Soft Jute and Cotton Mesh Bag - Natural

Our Price:  €5.68


Material:  cotton
Country Of Manufacture:  India

Looking for a perfect travel companion?

Our mesh bag is the perfect travel essential. It's lightweight and takes up next to no space, so it can be used as a shopping bag or even your day-to-day necessities. 

✓ 100% NATURAL FIBRES  - This bag is made from 100% natural fibres so there's no chance of any chemicals or toxins leaching into your clothes or food. It's also biodegradable which means you're doing your part for the environment by using one less disposable bag every time you go shopping. 
✓ SAVES YOU MONEY - They're perfect for anyone who wants to reduce their environmental impact while still carrying everything they need with them. And of course, you can use them as an everyday bag too - whether it's for work or play! 

YOUR CARRY-ALL BAG!- These bags are perfect for carrying groceries, shopping, or as a beach bag. The lightness and small size of these bags makes them easy to carry around without the weight and hassle that comes with plastic bags.

These beautiful mesh bags are made from natural fibres; they're then hand woven and sewn using traditional methods that date back over a thousand years in India. Easily taken around as shopping or day-to-day necessities thanks to their lightness and small size, even when full these bags save money by avoiding plastic charges all around the world whilst looking great! 

You deserve a break from the hassle - get one today by purchasing this Pure Soft Jute and Cotton Mesh Bag!


1. Where are they made?
Our jute handle bag is made in India

2. What is the size of the bag?
Dimensions is 65x40x1cm

3. Are these suitable for shopping?

YES! Keep your shopping lightweight with this jute fibre bag that's recyclable and that you can use again and again.

7. Are these suitable as a gift?
YES!  This versatile handle tote will make a great gift for any friend or coworker who could use more organization in their lives!

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