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Prevent Bath Toys from Getting Mouldy

Mould and mildew love dark and damp environments like bathrooms in our homes. Bath time toys are designed to get wet and if they stay wet for a long period of time with no proper ventilation, then mould is most likely to start growing on these toys.

prevent bath toys from getting mouldy

While tub toys are designed to get wet, if they stay wet for a very long time, you risk mould growth. You don’t want your child playing with a mouldy rubber ducky or worse, them putting these dirty toys in their mouths.

So how do you keep your child’s bath toys mould-free?

Choosing the right bath toys

Not all bath toys are the same. Some bath toys develop mould faster than others. For example, squeeze toys like a rubber ducky. These types of toys don’t have enough circulation and their exterior are opaque leaving the interior of the toy moist and dark which moulds really love.

The easiest way to prevent mould growth on squeeze toys is to seal them up with a hot glue before giving them to your child to play with in the bath. By sealing them up, water can’t get inside so they’ll remain dry until the glue comes loose in which case you need to reseal them.

If you suspect that mould has already started growing inside your child’s squeeze toy, you could cut a larger hole to drain water out of the toy and allow air to circulate. It could also make it possible for you to scrub the inside of the toy.

You can completely avoid toys that are more likely to develop moulds like squeeze toys and foam toys. Foam toys are porous and take longer to dry than plastic toys. If you decide to get one of these toys, make sure to let them dry before putting them inside your toy storage and clean them regularly.

Then there’s hard plastic toys. Plastic toys can still be eco-friendly like Green Toys range of fantastic toys made from recycled milk jugs. These toys are easy to clean and dry quickly so you don’t have to worry about mould growing on them. They’re just as fun as other bath toys but without the added risk of mould growth.

Keeping bath toys clean and dry

The best thing you can do to prevent mould growth is to dry your child’s bath toys between bath times and clean them regularly. Your choice of toy storage containers is just as important. Remember that even if you clean your toys regularly, if the storage where you keep them in does not have enough air circulation, there’s a likelihood of mould growth. Storing your tub toys in storage containers that have drain holes like baskets can help keep them mould-free.

There are a lot of ways to clean your bath toys. You can soak them in diluted white vinegar. You can also use bleach or put your tub toys in the dishwasher.

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