Pokito Collapsible Cup
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Pokito Collapsible Cup

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Brand:  Pokito
Material:  FDA certified TPE / PP
Capacity:  230ml - 350ml - 475ml (expandable)
Weight:  100g
Cap Style:  Takeaway cup style push fit lid.
Fit in Car Holder (8cm):  Yes
Top Opening Size:  9.5cm
Manufacture Country:  UK
Height:  4.5cm - 15cm (expandable)
Dishwasher Safe:  Yes
Collapsible:  Yes
Width at top:  9.5cm
Width at bottom:  6.5cm
Leakproof:  Spill Proof

  • Eco-friendly. Reusable and portable.
  • Can be resized to 3 different sizes: espresso, medio and grande.
  • Comes with a spill-proof lid and built-in heat protection.
  • Easy to use and easy to wash.

One cup, three different sizes? Absolutely Yes!

This adorable and Eco-friendly reusable cup was designed and engineered to be the most ideal and practical cup for everyday use. The portable Pokito Collapsible Cup is perfect sized differently and accordingly to your beverage need. May it is an espresso, a medio or a grande, this cup is resizeable. 

Built to last and readily recyclable, each cup can be scrunch down and resize. It features a strong and stable body with built-in heat protection and a spill-proof lid.

Easy to use and easy to wash, bring it everywhere with you. Even baristas will love it!


Closed: 1.8" H x 3.7" W

Espresso: 230 ml in 4.1" H

Medio: 350 ml in 4.1" H

Grande: 475 ml in 5.9" H

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