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bumGenius Wool Dryer Balls - pack 4

Eco Coconut Bottle Brush

Plastic Free Cleaning Products

plastic free cleaning products

Plastic Free Household Cleaning Products

Choose plastic free household cleaning products to keep your home squeaky clean while reducing environmental waste.

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bumGenius Wool Dryer Balls - pack 4
U-Konserve Insulated Food Jar Sky 355Ml
€19.13   €15.30
Qwetch Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle Brushed Steel 260Ml
€18.00   €14.40
Eco Living Washing-Up Dish Soap Bar
From:  €8.44
Eco Coconut Bottle Brush
Eco Coconut Kitchen Dish Brush
Eco Coconut Twin Pack Scourer
Eco Living Wooden Pot Brush
Eco Living Wooden Dish Brush
Eco Living Steel Scourers - 3 Pack
Eco Coconut Scourer
OceanSaver Bottle For Life
OceanSaver Cleaner Refill Drops

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Most home cleaning products contain synthetic and toxic chemicals, which can cause harm to our bodies and those around us. Our selection of eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products are as effective in home cleaning as their plastic counterparts. Our wooden dish brush is made from renewable materials and designed to clean hard to reach areas. We also have wool dryer balls that help absorb moisture naturally, decreasing the time it takes your laundry to dry. Save the environment and start using plastic free household cleaning products today.