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Plastic Free Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Tips on how to have an alternative plastic-free Christmas box

The idea of having a Christmas Eve box can be worrisome due to the additional plastics that those treats and trinkets may have. But if you plan to put one, we have some fantastic ideas on keeping it plastic-free.

christmas eve box

The first idea and trick in having a plastic-free Christmas Eve Box is to be conscious and be creative of what you are buying and what you are going to put inside the box. Most eco-friendly items are not packaged inside plastic and do not contain synthetic materials. You can totally avoid having plastic filled Christmas box by opting for more eco-friendly items with plastic-free packaging items like certain hot chocolate brands or cute pyjamas. You can expand your imagination and creativity when it comes to plastic free gift giving by doing enough amount of research before purchasing any treats.

Go for plastic-free swaps

Pyjamas.Christmas PJs are hot commodities during the Christmas season. Parents and kids love them because of their colourful print designs that bring joy and set everyone in a festive mood. However, Christmas PJs are not worn that much and most likely worn only during the holiday season. If thatís the case and your child has not grown that much, you can use last yearís set or buy used ones from charity and thrift shops. If you really want to get a pair, buy a set that are made from natural fibers and packaged in a non-plastic packaging.

Sweet Treats.Yes, itís hard to find sweet treats that arenít wrapped in plastic but itís not entirely impossible. There are plenty of options out there. For example, there are hot chocolate that come in big glass jars and cardboard tube. Most organic chocolate also come in eco-friendly packaging like paper.

The Christmas Movie.In this age of online streaming, there are plenty of options to enjoy a plastic free Christmas movie. You can also rewatched you previously bought so you do not have to buy a new one.

Christmas Crafts.It is just about thinking outside the box. Choose the craft that will help reduce the use of plastic. Just like making some cookies instead of buying those pre-packed ones. Kids can even help decorate those snowman or candy cane shapes of cookies. You can even decorate pinecones and foliage you can find in nature.

Santa Stuff.Santa Stuff is unlikely to include plastic and you can even fancy it down by the magic key and reindeer food route. Making your own is an ideal alternative. After all, edible glitter is way better than plastic stuff.

These are just some of the tips and tricks you can do to have a plastic free Christmas celebration. You can take advantage of the holiday season and implement some changes in your home. For example, you can ditch your plastic toothbrushes for bamboo ones. You can also swap your plastic mugs for reusable insulated coffee cups and bottles. Some homemade Christmas treats also come in reusable containers like fudge and peppermint which are Christmas staples.

The key to a plastic-free Christmas is making a conscious decision to buy products that are not wrapped in plastic and not made from plastic themselves. If you want to have a more eco-friendly Christmas and want to make it a tradition, we recommend buying items that will last for years like a well made blankets or reusable mugs.

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