Plan Toys Vlogger Kit

Plan Toys Vlogger Kit

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Brand:  Plan Toys
Dimensions:  0.5 x 21.0 x 25.0 cm

Vlogging is the new career path for kids who love to create, share and express themselves. 

Create sophisticated videos that teach kids life skills, explore the world through filming friends and family at home or on vacation. With just the click of a button, children will be able to produce eye-catching films with creative graphics and imaginative backgrounds. 

Teach kids life skills in an engaging way
Create memories that will last a lifetime 
Help your child feel more confident in their abilities when they watch themselves on video 
 They'll be able to make something they're proud of, even if it's just for themselves!
✓ Watch them have fun while learning!

We know how much time and effort goes into making videos, but we also know how rewarding it feels when someone watches them. That's why we have this vlogger kit - because we believe in helping people follow their dreams.

If you're an aspiring youngster with a knack for capturing the world around them through their lens, then this vlogger kit is perfect for you. Featuring pieces that come in camera, ring light, clip-on microphone with adaptor, and selfie stick tripod to film everything from pet interviews to exploring new places, this set will have you ready to share your life as it happens at home or on the go. Develop those marketable skills with the help of charming colors and eye-catching designs made just for kids!

✓ Helps develop number bonds and social skills.
Promotes imaginative and creative play 
✓ Encourages imaginative and creative play.
 Promotes hand eye coordination.
✓ Children will have fun playing with this toy

A must-have for your little vlogger, this toy is packed with creativity and play! 

Video blogging is one of the most thrilling careers available to today's youth. Plan Toys understands this and has designed a playset that allows kids to create their own video blogs, practice persuasive speaking skills, and learn about how camera angles can change perception entirely. Whether they want to share exciting travel adventures with friends back at home or write about what they learned on their school field trips-there are so many possibilities! 

Vlogging is the best way for kids to share their stories and express themselves. This kit includes everything you need to start your own channel! The camera has an adjustable focus so it's easy for beginners, and the ring light makes sure that your videos are always bright and clear. You can even use the tripod as a selfie stick! With this set, there's no limit on what you can do or who you can become.

For over 30 years plan toys have designed toys with the utmost respect for children & nature, it's their thing. Vitool Viraponsavan started Plan Toys. He grew up in Trange, among the rubber trees and saw the trees being wasted once they were no longer producing rubber. Vitool went to Bangkok to study architecture. It was here he formulated his vision, with friends, to change the world and help make it more sustainable. The 7 friends partnered together and created the Plan Group, from which later developed PlanToys. The Plan Group is an architectural firm, a publishing house & graphic design studio, a little bit of everything, but everything they do is with the mission to be kind to people and the environment.


1. What kind of wood are plan toys made of?

Plan toys are manufactured from natural rubber wood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex after 25 years.

2. What age is this toy suitable for?

Suitable for children ages 3 years and older

3. What is the dimensions of this playset?

0.5 x 21.0 x 25.0 cm

4. What kind of skills does the children will develop from this toy?

This toy will help develop emotion, language, imagination, social and coordination

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