Plan Toys Curve Blocks
Plan Toys Curve BlocksPlan Toys Curve BlocksPlan Toys Curve Blocks

Plan Toys Curve Blocks

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Brand:  Plan Toys
Age:  3y
Material:  Wood
Packaging:  Cardboard / PAPER
Country Manufacture:  Thailand

Curve Blocks

Plan Toys Curve Blocks - Wooden Maths Toys
Allow children to start to solve maths puzzles and equations, whilst having fun at the same time with these gorgeous, high-quality wooden curve blocks. This toy will teach them about basic equations and different heights. Comes with a central green round block, which is the highest, then a larger green circle, which has been split into two to help your child understand basic fractions. This is then surrounded by another circle which is split into thirds, with finally a fourth circle which is lowest in height and split into quarter fractions. 
Your child can use this to help understand division, or just to have fun building with these open-ended Montessori wooden blocks. Made from rubber wood and dyed with organic water based colour dyes.

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