Petit Lulu Snap-in-One (SIO) Basic PLUS Real Nappy Insert

Petit Lulu Snap-in-One (SIO) Basic PLUS Real Nappy Insert

Our Price:  €18.24

Brand:  Petit Lulu
Style:  Nappy Boosters
Size:  Onesize (7-35lbs)
Drying Time:  Slow
Daytime Nappy:  Yes
Nighttime Nappy:  Yes
Ease of Use:  Average
Slimness:  Quite Bulky
Absorbency Rating:  Very Good
Absorbency Material:  Organic Cotton / Bamboo
Country Of Manufacture:  Czech Republic
Needs Outer Wrap:  Yes

  • Real Nappy Insert consisting of a base and long insert or Plus.
  • Superb absorbency that is equaled from birth to potty.
  • Dries easily and comes with wings to protect the cover.
  • Designed with 4 layers base of viscose, cotton, and a fill with cotton and polyester.

A spectacular Petit Lulu Snap In One (SIO) Basic Plus Real Nappy Insert will make any daytime and nighttime cloth diapering easy, fuss-free and comfortable. 

Just like other nappies, add a booster to increase absorbency, this is where the SIO basic Plus comes in. They are sealed around the baby's legs with its wings to protect the cover from being dirty. The basic or base is made with viscose and cotton in 4 layers and the Plus or Long Insert comes with a fill of cotton and polyester and face side and underside of viscose and cotton.

Nappies are suitable for babies 4-15 kgs and when you need to add a boost for absorbency, attach the SIO basic Plus. The absorbency is superb and is equaled from birth to potty and even dries easily.

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