Petit Lulu Snap In One (SIO) Complete

Petit Lulu Snap In One (SIO) Complete

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Brand:  Petit Lulu
Style:  Fitted Two Piece
Size:  Onesize (7-35lbs)
Drying Time:  xxx
Daytime Nappy:  Yes
Nighttime Nappy:  Yes with booster
Ease of Use:  Average
Slimness:  Quite Bulky
Absorbency Rating:  Very Good
Absorbency Material:  Organic Cotton / Bamboo
Country Of Manufacture:  Czech Republic
Needs Outer Wrap:  No

  • Two-part nappy system of waterproof wrap and inserts.
  • The nappy is ideal for a heavy wetter or for night use for the regular wetter.
  • Absorbency can be customized with the BASIC Plus inserts from bamboo and cotton.
  • With waterproof outer layer nappy that fits from birth to potty.

The Petit Lulu Snap in One (SIO) Complete Reusable Nappy system is a two-part system comprising of a waterproof wrap and inserts which snap in place. The system comes with a set of BASIC PLUS inserts so you can choose the level of absorbency you require by adding different inserts. It is a really versatile nappy, great for a heavy wetter and suitable for nights with a regular wetter.

These reusable nappies fit from "birth to potty" approximately 4-15kg depending on your baby's build. The nappy can be adjusted to three sizes using the poppers on the front.

The leg cuffs are covered in fleece to keep baby comfortable and prevent leaks. The waterproof outer has a suedecloth layer covering the poppers .

The Snap-In Boosters consist of a base and a longer insert which can be attached. The longer insert can be folded to provide absorbency where your baby needs it. The base insert is 60% viscose bamboo and 40% Organic Cotton, the Plus insert is 60% bamboo viscose and 40% organic cotton with a filling: 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The inserts can be separated and unfolded for quicker drying.

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