Petit Lulu One Size Real Nappy Covers (Snaps)
Pattern: Happy OwlsPattern: Blooming GardenPattern: JunglePattern: Toucans
Pattern: Baby Elephant (Pink)Pattern: Clouds (blue)Pattern: Rainbow StarsPattern: Aliens (turquoise)
Pattern: AstronautsPattern: FoxesPattern: School JunglePattern: Baby Elephants (blue)

Petit Lulu One Size Real Nappy Covers (Snaps)

Our Price:  €17.33


Brand:  Petit Lulu
Style:  Outer Wrap
Size:  Onesize (7-35lbs)
Drying Time:  Very Fast
Daytime Nappy:  Yes
Nighttime Nappy:  Yes
Ease of Use:  Average
Country Of Manufacture:  Czech Republic

  • Designed to protect reusable nappies.
  • Functions as a one-sized nappy cover adjusted from small to large.
  • Made with fleece hems that provides great insulation and leaves no markings.
  • Adapts to SIO system and any other cloth with its medium-wide shape.

Economical - The word best to describe this sensational Petit Lulu One Size Real Nappy Covers (Snaps).

Petit Lulu Nappy Covers are every mommies' best friend to protect those reusable nappies. Why? Because it can be used from birth to potty as it comes in one size. Adjust it to become small, medium or large with the snaps underlaid by a suede cloth.

What we liked about these covers are the fleece hems that do not leave marks on the skin and provides a great insulation against leaks.

What is even more surprising is that they are especially adapted to Petit Lulu's SIO system and their medium-wide shape that are suitable for squares, folds, and almost any other cloth.

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