Petit Lulu Nappy Wet Bag

Petit Lulu Nappy Wet Bag

Our Price:  €17.58


Brand:  Petit Lulu
Size:  45cm x 30cm
Country Of Manufacture:  Czech Republic

  • Petit Lulu's Versatile Nappy Wet Bag that can be used even after the nappy season.
  • A one-sized wet bag that can function as a small or big bag.
  • Has 2 snaps to adjust the sizes.
  • Can be attached to prams or anywhere with the handle's one snap.

Where do you store your little one's nappies? Get this stunning Petit Lulu Nappy Wet Bag that you can use even after the nappy season!

Petit Lulu's Nappy Wet Bag is a one-sized nappy bag that is designed with waterproof features. It can be used in 2 sizes: Small for two nappies and Big for up to 6 nappies by adjusting the 2 snaps. The handle even comes with one snap to allow you to attach it to the pram or anywhere.

The inside material is made with PUL that is not impermeable material so don't forget to wrung-out wet swimwears or it may get damp!

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