Petit Lulu Breast Pads 6 pairs + Small Wetbag + Mesh Laundry Bag

Petit Lulu Breast Pads 6 pairs + Small Wetbag + Mesh Laundry Bag

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Brand:  Petit Lulu
Type:  Skin Accessories
Country Of Manufacture:  Czech Republic
Diameter:  12cm

Do you need a way to keep your breast pads clean?

Many women have trouble keeping their breast pads clean and fresh, especially when they are out and about. This kit includes everything you need to make sure your breasts stay dry, comfortable, and clean while wearing reusable breast pads. The wet bag is perfect for storing the used pads until you can wash them properly at home or in a laundry room. And the mesh bag makes it easy to separate the dirty from the clean so nothing gets lost in the wash cycle. 

✓ Keep your breast pads clean and dry.

✓  Stay confident with a leakproof set of breast pad

✓ Save money by using reusable products

✓  Comfort during your period.

✓  Feel free to wear whatever you want with no worries of stains or odors


Our handpicked products are zero waste & made using only sustainable ingredients.

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Our 100% all-natural products are free from toxic chemicals and nasties.

A great reusable breast pad kit with a wet bag and wash bag. This set contains 6 pairs of  soft absorbent Petit Lulu Breast Pads as well as a small wetbag  to keep them in and  small  mesh bag for washing them with ease. These soft absorbent reusable breast pads are much more comfortable than disposable ones because they don't stick to your skin like paper does! They also work great for other things once you no longer need them such as catching menstrual blood during menstruation or even protecting clothing from leaks if you use cloth diapers on baby bottoms. 

Comfortable,  washable and reusable

Keep your breast pads dry in the wet bag

Absorbent fabric plus extra layer of waterproof fabric to keep your clothes dry

Reusable breast pad kit with a wet bag and wash bag.

Help keep your breast pads dry and protect your clothes from leaks!

These pads are easy to care for and much more comfortable to wear than disposable pads. And they can even be used for other things once you no longer need breast pads.

Petit Lulu is a family-owned Czech company that strives to provide quality cloth diapers and care accessories. Petit Lulu was founded by Lucie Hladikova when she discovered a lack of high-quality, affordable cloth diapers for her new baby boy. She began making them herself, and found out they were in high demand! Since then, the company has grown with Mrs. Hladikova's two sons Vojta and Ondrej (who are now 2 years old) as well as her husband Lukas who supports the business wholeheartedly.


How do I wash my reusable breast pad kit?

The pads can be washed in a mesh bag with your other laundry. The wet bag can be used to keep your breast pads dry in between washings.

What are the materials in the breast pad kit?

The kit includes 6 pairs of soft absorbent Petit Lulu Breast Pads, a small wetbag to keep them in, and a small mesh bag for washing them.

What is the size of the small wetbag?

The small wetbag is about 5.5"x4.5".

How many breast pads are included in the kit?

The kit includes 6 pairs of breast pads.

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