Period Pants - Heavy Flow

Period Pants - Heavy Flow

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Brand:  Wuka
Absorbency Rating:  Heavy Absorbency
Sustainable:  ✅

No more embarrassing monthly inconvenience!

This Hipster Period Pants look and feel just like normal panties so you won't even know they are there until it is time to change them out! These undies will keep everything in place so nothing gets on your clothes or bed sheets when heavy leaks happen throughout the day. 

✓  You'll feel confident all month long 

✓ Be able to wear what you want without fear of leaking through your clothes. 

✓ Forget the days of feeling gross, uncomfortable, and self conscious.

✓ Stay dry and comfortable all day long 

✓ Say goodbye to embarrassing stains and smells 


Our handpicked products are zero waste & made using only sustainable ingredients.

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Our 100% all-natural products are free from toxic chemicals and nasties.

We know how uncomfortable it is when we're not feeling our best, which is why we have these hipster heavy flow panties with an ultra-absorbent core that absorbs up to 20ml of fluid (or heavy leaks). The super soft fabric feels just like cotton against your skin, so they'll keep you dry all day long without any discomfort whatsoever! 

Reusable, sustainable period pants that you can wear and wash.

They prevent over 200 disposables from going to landfill with every pair.

This period pants have a heavy level of absorbency, perfect for heavy leaks or periods.

They hold 20ml of fluid which is enough to keep you dry during heavy flow days or overnight.

They look like normal underwear, but have the power to absorb your period flow.

Wuka basics are the perfect solution for heavy flow days. They look and feel like regular underwear, but have the power to absorb 20 ml of period flow or light leaks. You can wear them all day long without worrying about any embarrassing accidents! You can wear them for up to 8 hours without feeling any discomfort at all! They're made with high quality materials that are breathable and soft on the skin. Just slip into Wuka basics hipster heavy flow and go about your day without any worries at all.

With the super absorbent underwear, you can feel confident knowing that no matter what happens during your heavy leaks, these panties will keep everything contained until you get home. They look like regular underwear but are made with special materials that make them perfect for absorbing menstrual blood and other fluids while keeping your skin dry and comfortable all day long! 

WUKA is an ethical, sustainable company that makes the UK's first ever reusable and leak-proof period wear. Their mission is to make periods accessible to all women around the world. They believe periods should not cost the earth, so they are committed to equality, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. WUKA was founded in 2017 by Ruby who wanted to solve all of their problems with disposable products (the pain of tampons; leaks; discomfort; waste) but also offer an eco-friendly solution for other women too.


1.How often should I change my period pants?

If you're using a period pants, you might want to change it after 4-8 hours, depending on how heavy your flow is.

2. Where is this made?

This made ethically in China

3. What are the care instructions?

After use, rinse with cold water. Pop your WUKA at 30 to 40 degrees. Do not put into tumble dryer as this will damage them and cause shrinkage. Don't use fabric conditioner. Air dry your WUKA Period Pants outside on the line or indoors on an airer. 

4. What are the benefits of period pads versus disposable pads?

Period pads are better for the environment because they can be washed and used time after time. Disposable ones come with a whole host of chemical problems, from production to disposal. 

5. What is the corresponding hip size for the available sizes?

  • XS - 78-80 - UK size 6
  • S - 83-85 - UK size 8
  • M - 90-92 - UK size 10
  • L 95-97 - UK size 12
  • XL 101-103 - UK size 14
  • 2XL 108-110 - UK size 16

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