PearlBar Floss picks

PearlBar Floss picks

Our Price:  €11.00

Brand:  PearlBar
Size:  30 picks per pack
Type:  Oral Care

Pearlbar Floss Picks

PearlBar has elevated the humble floss pick into something amazing by impregnating it with activated charcoal and making it 100% biodegradable.

The activated charcoal within the floss helps to clean between the teeth and prevent cavities and gingivitis. Coming in a pack of 30, regularly using these mint flavoured floss picks help to increase blood circulation in the gums and promotes fresh breath and balances pH levels within the mouth.

PearlBar's floss picks are also the proud winner of the 'Natural Beauty Product Award' by Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2017 + The Beauty Shortlist's 'Editor's Choice' 2017.

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