Patch Biodegradable Bamboo Plasters
 Patch Biodegradable Bamboo PlastersPatch Biodegradable Bamboo Plasters 

Patch Biodegradable Bamboo Plasters

Our Price:  €7.73

Brand:  Patch
Size:  25 pack
Material:  100% organic bamboo fibre
Packaging:  recycled cardboard
Country Manufacture:  Australia
Vegan:  Yes
Sustainable:  Yes

  • Patch's Bamboo Plasters in 25 pcs Tube.
  • Reduces plastic waste as each strip is biodegradable.
  • Suitable protection with soft support for sensitive skin.
  • Made of bamboo fabric and gauze.

Don't let your body's natural way of healing wounds be disturbed by friction, bacterias, and dirt. Use this sensational Patch Biodegradable Bamboo Plasters.

Patch's Bamboo Plasters hold the two cut ends of the skin together to make the healing process faster. It is an ideal wound covering that will help repair minor cuts and abrasions without causing reactions thanks to the PSA formulation and Nano Technology.

These strips are made with soft organic bamboo fabric and gauze. It is the ideal covering for wounds for people who wants to keep it simple and for people with sensitive skin. Each tube contains 25 pcs of biodegradable and paraben-free bamboo plasters.

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