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Party Bags for Little Kids

Traditional party bags are filled with sugary sweets and cheap plastic toys. These stuff are not good on the environment and for our babies and toddlers. There are many party bag fillers that are more eco-friendly and safe so there’s absolutely no need for plastic.

party bags for little kids

While party bags are unnecessary at birthday parties, it would still be a nice gesture to have them because they make parties more fun and exciting for kids. Most kids expect to get something during parties especially if they get them at parties they have previously attended. As parents, we may see party bags as trash but for our kids, party bags are little treasure troves.

Here are our top 10 party bag fillers for babies and toddlers:

  1. Small wooden toys like a spinning top makes for a great gift for babies and toddlers. Babies will definitely love watching it spin while toddlers will be entertained trying to figure out how to spin it themselves.
  2. Small toys that produce sounds and music like whistles, shakers and small rattles are fantastic party bag fillers.
  3. Storybooks have become more popular as a party fillers recently. With more book stores offering bundles of books for cheaper prices, there’s a storybook for each party. You could also include a colour books because what kid doesn’t love them?
  4. Kids love writing and drawing on walls and pavement so why not give out a couple of big chunky chalk sticks at your party? They’re cheap, safe and available on most toy stores.
  5. Toy cars are popular party bag fillers as well. To save money, you can buy them as packs and split them.
  6. If you’re having an outdoor party, a bucket and a spade would be a great idea. You could give them at the start of the party rather than at the end so that kids would be entertained during the party.
  7. Dried fruit snacks like a packet of raisins could be a replacement for sugar-filled sweets.
  8. Breadsticks and others savoury snacks are huge hits with littles ones. You could also make homemade popcorn in a paper cone as snacks that kids can enjoy on their way home.
  9. We love collapsible water bottles as party favours. They’ll keep your party plastic-free because you do not have to buy disposable cups. Rex London has a wide range of collapsible water bottles with fun illustrations.
  10. If you are feeling crafty, you can make your own finger puppets. Otherwise, you can buy them at your local party store for cheap.

There are still a lot of wonderful eco-friendly party bag fillers that are suitable for babies and toddlers. And of course, you always have the choice to not give anything at all at your party because party bags are optional. Regardless of how you feel about party bags, there’s no denying that they add fun and excitement to kids at parties.

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