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Party Bag Alternatives

Party bag treats have been party staples that most children expect to receive one when they attend a party. Most parents think party bags are unnecessary bags filled with trash but they’re treasure troves for children.

party bag alternatives

While a party bag is not necessary for parties to be fun, they certainly add another layer of excitement to kids. Kids definitely love them so it’s pretty hard not to give them out at parties. That said, if you want to save money on party bag fillers there are some great alternatives to traditional party bag fillers that are just as fun but affordable and eco-friendly.

Party Bag that kids can use during and after the party

Throwing parties could become costly without proper planning. You want to have the best food, venue and party favours to make it the best and most memorable. What if you combine the things you need at your party with your party favours?

Check out Rex London’s gorgeous insulated lunch bags. These bags are perfect for a summer picnic party. Each bag can be filled with special party lunch that children can bring home and reuse afterwards. There’s no need for plates anymore. You could also let the kids fill their lunch bags with food they would want to eat and something they could take home with them. Another great idea is to substitute plastic cups with collapsible water bottles that come in fun colourful illustrations. Don’t worry about spillages because these reusable drink bottles are spill-proof which is an added bonus. Include a reusable straw then you’ve got yourself an amazing party bag!

Arts & Crafts

As more parents move away from cheap plastic toys as party bag fillers, party crafts have gained popular recently. Combine entertainment and party favors at the same time by providing some arts and craft activities for children. It could be painting, creating wands, bead necklaces or bracelets or other creative activities that children will be entertained.

You could also make a huge batch of homemade playdough that kids could take home with them in lieu of a party bag. You could put them inside glass jars that you’ve collected or buy some at your local store.

For older kids, you could set up a crafting table for making homemade facemasks, mini picture frames, colouring books and bath bombs. If you have saved plenty of glass jars, you could have the kids make homemade slime which is a fun activity.

Planting some seeds and decorating plant pot are fantastic if you have a spring or summer baby. Cress seeds are wonderful anytime of the year. You could also have a mini competition to see whose plant grew the tallest. Seedballs are also a great way to introduce gardening to little kids. They’re basically seeds wrapped in solid clay that kids can toss out in the backyard.

Storybooks have been a popular alternative to traditional party bag fillers. There are bundles of books that are sold cheap online and at some book stores.

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