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Ostheimer Wooden Toys for a Fun & Imaginative Playtime

Make your kid's playtime more fun and engaging with our selection of Ostheimer wooden toys and figures.

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Ostheimer Horse-Stable
€228.50   €194.23
Ostheimer Doll's House
€134.76   €114.55
Ostheimer House 4 parts
€131.36   €111.66
Ostheimer Portcullis
€96.67   €82.17
Ostheimer Ship's Cabin Ark House
€75.58   €64.24
Ostheimer Dragon's Cave
€73.76   €62.70
Ostheimer Sail Mast with Look-Out
€31.05   €26.39
Ostheimer Castle Wall
€18.46   €15.69
Ostheimer Cannon
€17.52   €14.89
Ostheimer Steering Wheel
€16.35   €13.90
Ostheimer Cannonballs 10 pieces
€4.63   €3.94

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Ostheimer is a German toy maker known for making high quality wooden toys for kids. They use responsibly sourced wood from forest regions around Germany to make their awesome toys. We have a wide range of toys from Ostheimer. From wooden animal figures to wooden structures, there is an Ostheimer toy for every child.

Ostheimer toys are perfect educational toys for kids that are in their development stage. They're guaranteed to spark your kid's creativity and imagination through imaginative and interactive play. Your kids can build fantasy worlds filled with mystical creatures and animals. These toys also help develop your kid's social skills by interacting with others. Ostheimer toys are educational as they are timeless.

If you are looking to fill your kid’s toy closet and nursery with fun wooden toys, look no further than our Ostheimer wooden toy collection.