Ostheimer Dwarfs 7 pieces

Ostheimer Dwarfs 7 pieces

Our Price:  €86.13

Brand:  Ostheimer
Age:  3y
Type:  DWARF
Material:  Wood
Packaging:  NONE
Country Manufacture:  Germany

  • Creates an imaginative and creative role-play session.
  • Fosters a sense of exploration.
  • Promotes hand and eye coordination.
  • Handcrafted traditional toy out of sustainable hardwoods.

Ostheimer Dwarfs 7 Pieces

We adore this beautiful set of Ostheimer Wooden Dwarves! Who doesn't know the Story of Snow White from their childhood. This set comes with all 7 magical little folk. Aquamarine, Topaz, Ruby, Rose, Emerald, Crystal & Amethyst. These Dwarves cover all the colours of the rainbow so there will be a little Wooden Dwarf to match every mood and story!

the dwarves range from 5.5cm to 6.6 cm high

Ostheimer Wooden Figures are known for their detailed and minimalist finish. They give a figure just the right amount of personality to allow you to bring it to life, without telling you exactly what the person should say or who they should be. Ostheimer Figures all have delicate faces, the curves of the wood beg to be held and their clothes are simple and open to interpretation. These beautiful Waldorf Style Wooden Figures are an essential for every play scene. Start with one or two and follow the lead of your child. These Ostheimer Figures are a firm favourite at Baba Me and we know your little one will adore them too

Age: 3 years plus, earlier with supervision

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