Ostheimer Aquamarine Dwarf

Ostheimer Aquamarine Dwarf

Our Price:  €12.36

Brand:  Ostheimer
Age:  3y
Type:  DWARF
Material:  Wood
Packaging:  NONE
Country Manufacture:  Germany

  • Fosters a sense of exploration.
  • Promotes hand and eye coordination.
  • Sparks imagination and creativity.
  • Handcrafted traditional toy out of sustainable hardwoods.

Ostheimer Aquamarine Dwarf

What symbolises a Fairy-tale Story more than Dwarves, Elves, Fairies and magic! These lovely little dwarves come in a beautiful rainbow of colours. Add the whole lot to your collection or just your favourite colours. Each with their own personality these little figures will be much loved for years to come in your home!

Ostheimer has fondly called this Dwarf Aquamarine and he is blue in colour.

Each Dwarf measures approximately 7.5 cm high and will fit perfectly in a chubby toddler hand

Ostheimer delight in creating fantasy worlds for children of all ages. As an adult I love sitting down with my kids and watching as they bring these figures to life in ways I could never do myself! The original founders of Ostheimer wanted to slow things down, to keep things simple for children. To let them create their own magic fairy tale world. Which figures will join your home first? There are over 300 to choose from at Baba Me!

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