Orchard Toys Match and Spell

Orchard Toys Match and Spell

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Brand:  Orchard Toys
Age:  4y+

Get your kids a head start on reading and spelling!

Orchard Toys Match and Spell is an engaging activity that encourages letter recognition and word building. It's perfect for children who are learning to read or spell their first words. 

Encourages Discussion
Promotes Language and Literacy Skills
Develops Matching and Memory Skills
Encourages Observational Skills

✓ Encourages Discussion
✓ Promotes Language and Literacy Skills
✓ Develops Matching and Memory Skills
✓ Encourages Observational Skills
✓ Helps children learn letter recognition and word building.

Orchard Toys Match and Spell Game is a fun first reading and spelling activity. Encourage letter recognition and word building with this educational game. This game is perfect for children aged 4+ years old who are just learning their letters, or as an extra practice tool for those already familiar with them. It's also great for parents looking for ways to help their kids develop early literacy skills at home! 

✓ Teaches letter recognition, promotes phonetic word building for kids to develop an early love of reading.
✓ Suitable for ages 4 years and older
✓ Designed as an engaging learning experience for little ones who are just beginning their path in the world of letters!

Do you have a young child who is ready to start learning how to read and spell?

With over 68 letter cards in each pack, Your child will love this game because they can play with their favorite toys while practicing letters and words. You'll love it because it helps them develop important skills in a playful environment. And best of all, there are no complicated rules or instructions - just open the box and let the fun begin!

The aim of the game is simple - match up the letter cards to the letters shown in their board as quickly as possible! If you want to make things even more interesting, try playing with two sets at once! Then there are no limits on how many players you can have - just keep going until everyone has mastered the words. Once they do, move onto matching pictures instead of letters and start spelling out some real words! And if you really want to challenge your child, see if they can master all 68 cards without making any mistakes...it might take them a little while but it'll be worth it when they get there! 

Orchard Toys is one of the leading manufacturers of educational games and puzzles. They started out making blocks for a local nursery school, but have now grown to be recognised as one of the leaders in this field. Their mission is to help children learn through play. Orchard Toys are committed to ensuring that their toys are fun, safe, and stimulating while they encourage creativity and imagination. 


1. Why is matching games important for kids?

Matching Games will challenge your kids mentally while having fun! It improves their language, concentration and memory.

2.  What contents are included in this game?

It includes 12 double-sided 3 letter word boards. 8 double-sided 4 letter word boards, 68 letter cards, 1 instruction leaflet

3. How to play this game?

This is a simple matching game where players must match the letter cards to their corresponding letters shown on board in correct order. As children get more familiar with sounds, they will progress from reading words aloud; this has been seen as one of many ways literacy can be developed early through games that include both word strategy and strategizing around what's being said.

4. What age is this toy suitable for?

Suitable for children ages 4 years and older

5. Where is this toy made out of?
This toy is made responsibly from UK

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