Orchard Toys Flashcards

Orchard Toys Flashcards

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Brand:  Orchard Toys
Age:  3y+

Get your child excited about learning!

The Orchard Toys flashcards are a great educational tool for developing children's literacy skills. With a focus on fun and hands-on learning, this set of brightly coloured cards offers young minds plenty to talk about. 

Encourages Discussion
Promotes Language and Literacy Skills
Develops Number and Counting Skills
Encourages Observational Skills

✓ Encourages Discussion
✓ Promotes Language and Literacy Skills
✓ Develops Number and Counting Skills
Encourages Observational Skills
✓ Get the jump on reading skills before they start school.


Orchard Toys Flashcards are the perfect way to help your child learn their first words and numbers. With 50 colourful, double-sided flashcards featuring both words and numbers, these cards can be used in many different ways. They make the perfect present for children who love animals or want to know more about their world - there's simply something for everyone!

✓ Suitable for ages 3-7
✓ Includes 50 large double-sided cards that feature both words and numbers
✓ Learn to read and write with fun, colourful flashcards.
Help children learn to read and count
With a wide variety of words, from three-letter easy word sets all the way up five letter complex words

Bring literacy skills to your child's life!

Orchard Toys Flashcards are great for helping your child learn their numbers and words. They're bright, colorful, and engaging to keep your little one interested! Plus, they're double sided so there is twice as much content on each card. There are 50 cards in total to help them learn at their own pace. You can use these flashcards with any learning method that works best for your child. Your child will love playing with these flashcards every day!

Orchard Toys is one of the leading manufacturers of educational games and puzzles. They started out making blocks for a local nursery school, but have now grown to be recognised as one of the leaders in this field. Their mission is to help children learn through play. Orchard Toys are committed to ensuring that their toys are fun, safe, and stimulating while they encourage creativity and imagination. 


1. Why is flashcards important for kids?

Flashcard learning for children is quite popular as a playful means to introduce new words, images or concepts. The benefits of flashcards are that they make it easy all the repetition needed and even improve kids' important skills like memory!

2.  What contents are included in this game?

It includes 50 Flashcards from three-letter easy words to five-letter complex words.

4. What age is this toy suitable for?

Suitable for children ages from 3 to 7

5. Where is this toy made out of?
This toy is made responsibly from UK

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