Norse Beard Balm

Norse Beard Balm

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Brand:  Norse

Want to add a degree of style to your beard? If so beard balm is for you.

Norse Beard Balm is infused with peppermint oil to reinvigorate senses while also providing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it reduces flaky skin and leaves behind a fresh scent.

✓  Reduces flaky skin
✓  Reinvigorate your senses with peppermint oil
✓  Leaves behind a fresh, clean scent
✓  Helps your beard look and feel healthier
✓  Reduces itchiness and irritation

If you have a beard, then you know how itchy and uncomfortable they can be. The antiseptic properties of peppermint oil are great for soothing the skin underneath your beard while also leaving behind a fresh scent. Plus, Norse Beard Balm is made with all-natural ingredients that won't irritate your skin or leave behind an oily residue like other products do. Choose between Woodsman which has a reinvigorating forest smell and Citrus which has a refreshing smell.

✓ Handmade in the UK

✓ No artificial fragrances and preservatives

✓ Zero waste packaging

✓ Free from SLS, parabens, phthalates and BPA

✓ 100% natural ingredients

Do you have a beard?

You deserve to enjoy life without itching and discomfort! Get yourself some Norse Beard Balm today! It will make your beard look better than ever before while also making sure it feels amazing too. With just one application, you'll notice a difference in how soft and smooth your facial hair looks and feels - no more dryness or irritation from shaving!

And because this beard balm is made using only natural ingredients, there's nothing artificial about this beard care product at all - which means it won't clog pores or cause any breakouts either. We guarantee you'll love what this beard balm does to your face - so get one for yourself now and get started on the path toward healthier facial hair today!

Norse Lifestyle is a UK-based company that produces beard care products for men. It is their mission is to provide high quality and affordable beard care products with an emphasis on natural ingredients and high-quality formulations.


How often should beard balm be applied?
Apply at least once a day after taking a shower.


  • Towel dry your freshly washed beard.
  • Remove a small amount of the beard balm with the back of your finger nail and warm it by rubbing between your fingers.
  • Massage the balm into your beard.
  • Style your beard as desired.
  • Look great, smell great, feel great!

How do I use a shampoo bar?
Thoroughly wet your hair, swipe the bar through your roots, put the bar down and work the product evenly through your hair and lather. Rinse well and follow with conditioner (if required).

Does beard balm help promote growth?
Yes, beard balm is essential for promoting healthy growth and keeping your beard smelling fresh.

How long does bead balm last?
It has a shelf life of 6 months.

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