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Norse Beard Balm Woodsman
 Norse Beard Balm WoodsmanNorse Beard Balm Woodsman 

Norse Beard Balm Woodsman

Our Price:  €8.85


Brand:  Norse

  • Hold a style for beard through out the day.
  • Keeps beard well nourished.
  • Contains Shea Butter, beeswax and other essential oils.
  • Has peppermint extract scent. Reinvigorates mood.

Beard grows and happens naturally among men and a groomed and styled beard are plus for good and proper hygiene. Add a degree of style to your beard with a wonderful product - The Norse Beard Balm Woodsman.

It is essentially a beard oil that contains Shea Butter and beeswax that will hold a style through out the day. It also keeps your beard well nourished.

This balm contains 100% natural ingredients and peppermint extract that reinvigorates and evoked the essence of Canadian forests. Essential oils such as cedar wood and sandal wood contains anti-inflammatory and improves circulation reducing dry and flaky skin and

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